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Remote office service from 460 euros per month!

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558.25$ 558.25$
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Professional performance


The professional activity is carried out with the utmost confidentiality in cloud computing and includes backend secretarial support alongside the management.

Including the various tasks related to marketing consultancy of their website, maintenance and creation of communication profiles, choice of images with photo editing and graphics, text reworking in different languages.

Surveillance service reviews, optimization and maintenance of company profiles on search engines, meta engines, marketplace sites and web directory portals.

The service is offered at a flat-rate monthly and all-inclusive cost, adapting to the needs of the company.

More details

Secretary service
Activity It's comprise also the support customer relationship management following correspondence, preparing offers and solving various problems.
User group Suitable for any type of business.
Monthly secretarial solutions
2 hours/day, 7/7 Euro 1200,-/month
2 hours/day, 5/7 Euro 860,-/month
1 hour/day, 5/7 Euro 460,-/month

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