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The annual portal has been specially developed for mobile use on small devices and for this type of use and offers clear, logical and intuitive navigation capabilities. The use of simple and straightforward terms along with a very legible font style makes it easier to read even for readers less inclined to computer science.

Project to be handed over with all copyrights. As part of a possible agreement, the current owner could continue the hosting service without interruptions, the graphic support and maintenance as well as the agency and Italian customer service on a commission basis.

Core philosophy
Travel and tours - German holiday portal for amateurs of Italian savoir-vivre! Digital German travel guide with no links to agencies or tour operators that offers direct contact without intermediaries with the ultimate Italian tour operator. This has been the founding philosophy of this digital media from the beginning, proposing destinations for independent travelers and tourists who love Italy. The editorial format is presented as a digital tourist guide with suggestions for selected travel destinations.

Product history
Reisen-Touren has been present on the Internet for 20 years with many international and German-speaking domain names (DE-Germany, CH-Switzerland, A-Austria). The portal was developed as a static photographic HTML site and has been updated over time to the current dynamic portal, which has been specially developed for mobile use on small devices. The last 20 year edition in particular was published for this type of use and offers a clear, logical and intuitive navigation ability. Using simple and straightforward terms along with a very readable drawing style makes it easier to read for more mature visitors, for readers who wear lenses, and is easy to navigate from an IT perspective for less knowledgeable users. The last redesign was completed in January 2020 with the introduction of Wikimedia Commons support - an archive containing over 60 million multimedia documents - that embellishes the editorial photo area.

The German travel guide has hundreds of individual visitors every day with a maximum of over a thousand readers a day in spring and is primarily aimed at older people, especially over 40 years old, who can go on vacation independently all year round. This readership has been confirmed several times in the last ten years by testimony from many advertisers.
They are readers who love Italy more than anything, who have good shopping skills and who are sensitive to the proposals for cultural, gastronomic and naturalistic holidays in our beautiful country. Entrepreneurs who decide to be present on travel tours stick to the full calendar year - with descriptions and pictures; even without expiring offers. In this way, the reader can instantly have all the information to create a concrete and real expectation without jumping to other websites or doing tedious and long searches on search engines.

Development potential
The particular value of this portal also lies in its high development potential. The meaning of the logo and the domain names correspond exactly to the latest outdoor tourism trends in connection with outdoor sports and tourist activities. Without spending a lot of time and programming, it would be very easy and problem-free to change the current content (own copyrights), to adapt it to the latest cycle tourism (especially when growing up, ecological and electric) or naturalistic tourism.
When the portal is provided, this processing could also be included, for which we can offer extremely competitive costs.

More details

In 2023 there were an average of 5,000 regular visitors per month (connected across over 3,200 different identified devices), each reading about 6 articles. By internet standards, this is an extremely high average value, which confirms the quality of the content of this travel guide.